Rhino Biolighters

About the Rhino Biolighters

A collaboration between Sustainability Professionals and Care for Wild 

SDG 15 calls for the protection of endangered species and we need to urgently assist with the protection and preservation of our Rhinos which are on the brink of extinction.

In order to support and create awareness for the Rhinos fight for survival and the intensive and desperate needed work the sanctuary is doing; we are making a Firelighter from the Rhinos dung which is collected from the Care for Wilds Bomas. We add a natural binder and igniter.

A box contains 8 x RhinoBiolighters with each one having an average of a 14 Minute burn time.

A percentage of proceeds is going back to the sanctuary and there will be a tracking system on our Facebook page to record the support the RhinoBiolighters are able to provide the Sanctuary.

This means that every person has the ability to support the sanctuary by buying a box of RhinoBiolighters.

Where can you purchase Rhino Biolighters?

The Parks Shop

In Selected shops in the Kruger National Park.


In selected SPAR outlets nationwide. 

Online from Mashesha Stoves

We are now stocking the Rhino Biolighters on our online store.

Want to get involved?

Would you like to be a part of this great initiative? We have retail and agent opportunities available. Please contact us if you would like further info.

Special Thanks

Thank you to TRAC road agency for their generous support regarding the Biomass press and Barberton Engineering for reworking the mould.

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